Many people end up with damaged flooring by opting to install tiles by themselves after viewing online do it yourself videos. The person in the video is an expert in this job and it would be foolish to assume that you can do the job perfectly by following their instructions. Although ceramic tiles are considered as one of the most durable types of flooring, and are considerable cheaper than their marble counterparts, the installation process is not as easy as it looks. You can never get a professional finish if you try the installation process yourself. This beats the purpose of installing them. If you reside in Los Angeles, your best bet is to hire professionals for the tile installation Los Angeles task. Listed below are some of the problems a DIY person might face.

Unstable flooring
One should remember that tiles, despite being hard are brittle as well. This implies that they will not bend when exposed to pressure, but crack. If you plan to install the tiles on a concrete floor, you need to ensure that the surface of the floor is even throughout the room. If not, you have to polish it with a concrete polishing machine. Consider yourself lucky if you find one for hire, otherwise you will have to purchase it. This adds to the overall cost of the job. The professionals are armed with such a gadget and will not charge you extra for polishing the surface. In case you plan to lay tiles on a wooden floor, you need to reinforce it before the tile laying process to ensure that it does not shift or move when subjected to weight. The professional knows looks for such flaws ad fixes them before the tile laying process.

Calculating the floor area
Be prepared for a surprise if you plan to do the job yourself. Try as you might, you will invariably make a mistake while calculating the floor space. This results in one part of the room containing full tiles and the other containing tile slivers. This ruins the beauty of the tiled floor.

Not preparing the grout properly
The leading mistake most DIYers make is adding an excessive amount of water to the grout, a paste for filling the gaps between floor tiles. In such a situation, the grout will not set properly and is liable to become brittle and separate from the tile, leading to a loose tile. On the one hand, amateurs try to set the tiles immediately after laying the grout. The professionals, on the other hand wait for 20 minutes or so after laying the grout to ensure that the chemicals in it have mixed properly. They also use grout floats with smooth edges to ensure that there are no wriggly lines in the paste. It is also important to remove traces of grout from the surface of the tiles by cleaning it with a sponge; else, it will be impossible even for a professional to remove those traces. Why take a risk by attempting the job yourself, when you can engage the services of a tile installation Los Angeles specialist? They are not as costly as you think and will also prevent lippage, where the tiles might be evenly spaced in width but not in height.